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Online Book Clubs

Keep track of your favorite books, engage in on-line discussions, rate books, and store books you have read and want to read.

  1. LibraryThing –
  2. Goodreads –
  3. Reading Group Choices –
  4. Book Group Buzz –
  5. Booktalk –
  6. BookSpot –
  7. Online Bookshelf –
  8. Shelfari –
  9. Community Room –

Online bookmarking

When using a public access computer it is not possible to add items to your internet favorites and find them again.  However, there are several online tools to help you save your favorite webpages.  These online formats require a member login. Some of these are much easier to use than others. Also it is important to note that some come with add-ons that download to your computer.

  1. Delicious – This is a popular choice; however it does add-on several items to your web browser.  These add-ons are not always advantageous in the public computer center.
  2. Netvibes – allows you to link to favorite feeds and save sites –
  3. Symbaloo – This is a very straightforward bookmarking site –
  4. StumbleUpon – Search through favorite topics and save pages –
  5. Digg – Discover and share content –
  6. Blinklist – Another straightforward bookmarking site –

Photo Editing

There is great software out there for editing photos.  Usually this software also comes with a large price tag.  Many people have no need for the expensive professional level software, but do want to edit and play with their photos.  These are the open source sites I found.

  1. Picnik –
  2. Picasa –
  3. LunaPic –
  4. FotoFlexer –
  5. Pixlr –
  6. Photoshop online –
  7. GIMP –

Photo Storage and Sharing

There are many places on the Internet to upload pictures and store them for later use and to share them with friends.  It is important to note that the Internet is never a secure place.  Even if you choose not to share your pictures storing them in cloud storage means they are “out there.”  You are always leaving a digital trail.  That being said, pictures take up a great deal of space and cloud storage gives people a place to store thousands of photos without taking up valuable space on their home computer.  In addition, the photos are then available from any computer or device with internet access.  Most photo storage sites also allow you to share photos with people you choose to share them without posting them on a social networking site.  Some sites also have photography contests and offer limited photo editing. Some sell products like professional looking photo books, calendars, and other give items that have your photos on them.

  1. Flickr –
  2. Photobucket –
  3. Shutterfly –
  4. SmugMug –
  5. Webshots! –
  6. Fotki –
  7. SendPhotos –
  8. Picturetrail –
  9. Kodak Gallery –

Social Networking Sites

There are lots of great reasons to be part of a social network.  For some it is a cheap and easy way to stay connected with distant family and friends.  It is a means to build professional connections.  For some it is a way to meet new people with similar interests.  Here is a list of some social network sites. I am sure I have missed many, please feel free to add to this list.

  1. BeKnown – Facebook’s professional network
  2. Linkedin – Professional network
  3. Facebook – social page
  4. Myspace – social page
  5. Bebo – social page
  6. Netlog – social page
  7. Zorpia – social page
  8. PerfSpot – social page
  9. Hi5 – gaming social
  10. Friendster – gaming social
  11. Second life – virtual social world

Web Browsers

Most library computers will be set with an Internet browser chosen by the library staff.  However, there are many different kinds of Internet browsers available and some run certain programs better than others.  It is good to know about the different browsers.  When patrons ask questions and express frustrations it may be that they are accustomed to a different browser than the library is currently using.

Here is a list of the most common Web Browsers and links to their home pages.

  1. Internet Explorer –
  2. Firefox –
  3. Safari –
  4. RockMelt –
  5. Opera –
  6. Google Chrome –

Web design

These are online sites for creating your own web page.

  1. Wix –
  2. KompoZer –
  3. SeaMonkey –
  4. Amaya –
  5. Page Breeze –
  6. Trellian WebPage –

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