TPZ Training

Thank-you for registering for a TPZ training with the Montana State Library.  To make your experience at the training better you will want to register your devices to their appropriate accounts; iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

If you are from a BTOP library, you received a gift card for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. These cards can be used as your primary method of payment, however there are some steps to make these work. Please follow the directions below to get your accounts up and running before your training session.

  1. The iTunes card may need to be set up from a computer instead of from the device. iTunes does not require a credit or debit card tied to the account, however it prompts you to add one.
  2. To download any content from Barnes & Noble directly from your device you will have to assign a credit or debit cardto the account.  Your gift card alone is not enough to enable the direct download service.
    1. I called customer support to ask if there was a work around to this step and was told that the credit cards embedded code ensures the publisher that the books are not being mass reproduced.
    2. I had a prepaid Visa gift card with a  $7.00 balance on it, so I decided to try using it.  It worked.
    3. I would recommend going to your local bank and purchasing a prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit card.  It does not need a large balance, it just needs the bank card number.
    4. You can add this card from your Barnes & Noble account on the computer or from the device itself.
    5. When you register your gift card to the account, it is by default the first form of payment
  3. To make your gift card the primary form of payment possible on Amazon, please follow the extra steps below.  You can use the links in this email to go to the webpage and make the necessary additions. Without making these adjustments you will not be able to download any content from Amazon, including free content.


Using a gift card as your payment method

You are not required to have a credit or debit card on your account to make digital purchases such as Kindle books, but you must establish a default 1-Click billing address on your account to use gift cards for digital purchases. If you don’t already have a 1-Click billing address on your account, follow the instructions below to add an address without entering a credit or debit card to your account.

To add a 1-Click billing address for gift card purchases:

  1. Visit      the Manage      Addresses and 1-Click Settings page in Your Account.
  2. Click      the Enter a new address button.
  3. Enter      the address information and click the Save & Continue button.
  1. Select the “Click here to make this your 1-Click default address” link.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions regarding setting up your devices.  Please try to have your devices registered and ready to go before training.  This will allow us more time to learn how to use the devices themselves.


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