Computers in Libraries 2012 PreConference Sessions

Computers in Libraries 2012 preconference workshops began Tuesday in Washington DC.  I had the pleasure of attending a workshop presented by Jason Griffey about gadgets and mobile devices in the library and a presentation by Michael Porter and David Lee King called Let’s Make Video.

Jason Griffey brought with him a petting zoo of devices and discussed why libraries should be considering these personal devices as check-out items. If the current trend continues, the numbers of mobile devices sold will soon far outnumber computers being sold. Statistics show that mobile devices are more often being used to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than traditional laptops. 

If your library is considering lending mobile devices, Griffey offered a couple of key pieces of advice.

  • ·         Choose the device that will fit your needs and will do the right job.
  • ·         From a management perspective, the device brand is less important than the operating system it is running.  The two most common operating systems are the Apple iOS and Android. There are tips and tricks for managing each and someone will need to be in charge of managing the settings on your devices.
  • ·         Decide who will manage your devices and create a process that will be smooth and easy to do.
  • ·         Understand the legal issues with apps and contents.

Michael Porter and David King showed some examples of great uses for videos to engage patrons and to promote library services.  We are a video oriented society and people like to click on video links.  This session demonstrated how libraries can take advantage of this with some very simple and inexpensive tools and how to begin creating videos.

The basic needs to begin creating video for your library are listed here.

  • ·         You will need time – videos are not made quickly
    • o   Time to plan
    • o   Time to script
    • o   Time to edit
  • ·         You will need some basic equipment
    • o   Editing software
    • o   Audio microphone
    • o   Video camera
    • o   Lighting
    • o   Video storage

Libraries can do many things with videos that will improve outreach and communication with patrons. Below are a few of the suggestions from this session.

  • ·         Tour the library
  • ·         Tour the book mobile
  • ·         Book reviews
  • ·         Meet the staff
  • ·         Training videos
  • ·         Oral histories
  • ·         Video contests

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