Misadventures in Travel to Washington DC

The unpredictable weather of March made for a very long day of travel on Monday.  I sat on the tarmac at Great Falls airport waiting for the plane to be prepared for flight.  The first half hour was spent waiting for our turn with the de-icing truck.  The next forty minutes was spent waiting for them to get a second de-icing truck ready, because the first truck was not working.  Finally, we were getting the ice removed and it looked like were prepared for take-off. However, the pilot was in the cabin talking to a passenger instead of the cockpit.  He was conferring with an elderly passenger who was having trouble breathing.  In the end the pilot told the man he would not be able to stay on the plane. We then had to return to the gate to allow the man and his traveling partner to get off.  The gentleman was not pleased about being prevented from flying, but the pilot was worried about his health. 

When we did take-off we were two full hours behind schedule and most of the passengers were missing their connecting flights in Minneapolis.  Thankfully Delta took care of us and rescheduled all of us onto later flights to our destinations.  I had a few hours to hang out in the Minneapolis airport, but I finally got on a plane headed to DC. By the way, it was 72 degrees in Minneapolis and 76 degrees in DC. I was very happy to leave the blizzard far behind me.


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