Montana Continuing Education Credits

The webinars offered through the BTOP program qualify for Montana Continuing Education Credits. If you have attended any of the previous webinars you can add them to your on-line CE Tracking Form.  The webinars are listed in the CE Master list on the State Library Webpage.  The following screenshots show you step-by-step how to get to the CE tracking form.

Go to the Montana State Library Home page and click on the “For Librarians” tab.

 From this page click on the “Continuing Education and Certification” link.

 On this page  click on the “Certification” link in the center of the page.

 Here you can read all about the CE program.  Click the “Online CE Tracking System” link.

The next screen is the login in screen.  Login to your CE tracker and start adding your continuing education credits.

  Click on “Manage” to begin. 

Then click on the “Add/Edit/Delete” link to begin changing your CE Form.

Now you can add an event from the Master Certification CE list.


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