WebJunction – A resource worth viewing

WebJunction is an on-line learning resource for libraries.  The web site offers informative articles and training outlining the efforts of libraries across the country to stay current and relevant.  It offers information in the form of articles, downloadable resources, and webinars.  WebJunction also offers on-line classes to members.  In the past individuals had to purchase a membership in order to participate in the on-line classes offered. Now memberships are sold to state organizations as partnerships. If your state is a partner then you have access to the entire course catalog.  Coming mid-February Montana will become a partner state with WebJunction.  Watch this blog for more updates on Montana’s partner status and how you can take advantage of the WebJunction course catalogue.  In the meantime, you are welcome to participate in the free Webinars offered on the WebJunction site.   Click the WebJunction Webinars tab above to see a list of upcoming webinars. Use the included links to get registered.  These Webinars count towards Montana’s Continuing Education credits!


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