Training, Training, and more Training

We are offering more training than ever at the Montana State Library.  With so much available it could be hard to choose which webinars and training sessions to attend.  The beauty of a webinar is its flexibility.  Webinars can be recorded and archived for later viewing. MSL is working towards recording all offered webinars and providing you with links to these archived materials so that you can watch them at your convenience. 

This blog will help you find the recorded webinars I am offering.  Just click on the “Archived Webinars” tab to see what is available.  Click the link for the webinar you wish to view and follow the directions.  The webinar will be displayed as a Windows Media movie.

Keeping track of all the training that is being offered can also be a challenge.  We are using the MSL Events Calendar to post our webinar and training schedule. The training offered by the Montana Shared Catalogue trainers, Amy Marchwick and Melody Condron, will also be posted in this calendar.  When the consultants are offering training other than one-on-one help at your library, it will be announced on the calendar.  Click this link to see the MSL Events Calendar and then add it to your favorites so you can view it often:  

You will also see the webinars I am offering in the near future under the tab “Upcoming Webinars.”  The links on this page will take you to the webinar registration.  Jo Flick, the MSL Trainer, is also featuring a blog.  She keeps her training notices up to date in her blog and offers helpful hints on a variety of topics.  Follow her blog at the following link:

Our world is fast paced and ever changing.  Training helps us stay current with the trends. We are always open to suggestions. Please comment on this post if you are wanting additional training on a specific topic.


One thought on “Training, Training, and more Training

  1. If you are a BTOP library and are interested in adding laptops to your circulation after yesterday’s webinar, please consider getting BTOP help with the purchase. Complete the change request form at:; include justification such as “to meet public demand for extended hours and increased privacy to complete computer-based projects.” You can submit the form to or So long as funding is available in the grant budget, and your request is within scope, we anticipate approving these requests.

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